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Cathedral thinking, a concept originating from the middle ages, can be defined as ‘the concept of long-term thinking projects or goals that must be realized for the sake of future generations.’ (Macmillan Dictionary, 2019)

While the direct application of this can be observed in cathedrals’ construction, there are more significant underlying ideas. To apply this way of thinking, equal importance must be placed on both the present and the future wants and needs. While implementing an idea in the present, its impact in the future also needs to be considered. Furthermore, it requires creative thoughts, purposeful actions, and a strong…

The need to change our current approach to management

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Contemporary approach to management is very rigid and rooted in old-fashioned ideas. We try to apply the old theories to our new world and are left with inefficient practices which make life harder for us. We need to reevaluate our approach to management to make it suitable for our current needs and expectations.

Written by Gianpiero Petriglieri, an associate professor of organizational behaviour at INSEAD, this piece presents a compelling case of why management theories are outdated by showing its current state of ‘mid-life crises’ and the urgent need to rethink…

Approaching Organizations from a Biological Perspective

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Inspiration can come from anywhere and creativity flourishes when you least expect it. I experienced this first hand recently while watching a Ted talk by Ruben Meerman called “How breathing and metabolism are interconnected”. He asks ‘where does the fat go?’ Then goes on to explain that when one loses weight, the majority of the fat is actually exhaled out during the process of breathing. So, the process in its basic form is:

  • Inhale
  • Metabolize
  • Exhale

The talk led me to ask whether we can analyze organizations through this lens. …

Gohar Fatima

Helping organizations transform into more “organic” entities @ HMD. Interested in corporate philosophy |economics | interdisciplinary approach to management.

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