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  • Efe


    A very personal Medium account.

  • Serhat BİLGE

    Serhat BİLGE

    Future digital anthropologist modeling human behaviors. For here, I don’t write, these are only trace of flow of pen.

  • Aylin Subaşı

    Aylin Subaşı

  • Betül Çiçek

    Betül Çiçek

    Helping organizations design strategies to transform around a shared purpose meaningful for all @HMD

  • Hazal Ünlü

    Hazal Ünlü

    Helping organizations to remind them that cooperation is the tool to accomplish the things @ HMD. Interested in Collaboration I Social Change I Design

  • Kadir Selamet

    Kadir Selamet

    helping organizations to generate human insight and build an insight-driven strategy @ HMD. Interested in research methods I strategy I social change.

  • We are HMD

    We are HMD

    Partner in Change I An insight-driven consulting firm that helps organizations develop a deeper understanding of human and transform their structures around it.

  • Hhvpam


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